Rock Climbing @ Red River Gorge

"I'm really too old for this."  

Yes, that's me way up there.  

I was looking down the rock face to the bottom of the cliff, about 75 feet below me.  It felt like 175 feet.  For the first time in 20 years I was clinging to a sandstone rock face at Red River Gorge.  When I did it in college I prayed the the rope wouldn't break.  Now I was praying that the unused tendons in my legs wouldn't snap.  

We came down here for a work retreat.  

The idea was that I'd get a lot of reading and writing done for a big brief that I have due in a few weeks.  It didn't exactly turn into a super productive work trip.  But we met some cool interesting people and, after a couple of beers and tours of the van, ended up rock climbing with them the next day.  


If you get the chance look up Brian Gillespie at KRAG climbing down at the Gorge.  He's a great guy and climbed some of the most amazing places in the world.  KRAG's homebase is a bar/taproom/hostel/climbing store called Skybridge Station.  They had a ton of Kentucky brews on tap and cool funky vibe.  


Click here to get to their web site. 

Click here to get to their web site. 


In the end it was more of a two day jaunt than a work trip.  The road to missing deadlines is paved with good intentions.  And yet, I can't say for even a second that being in such a beautiful place and meeting such interesting people was anything but a huge success.