What is the SchadPad? 

It's a place, but it's rarely the same place. A shifting mood. An idea.

 To plot it on the map, triangulate between Margaritaville, Neverland, and Valhalla. Follow the river to where the trout rise, then on to the mountains, then the desert.

You'll detect traces of woodsmoke, Doc Bronner's peppermint soap, and wafting bourbon. Listen for the sound of the blues.  

Once you get there you can share my campfire and a cold drink. 

Next stop: Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Yellowstone


ITaLY: April, 2019

Looks like the next stop is Italy. My daughter Piper is heading to Genoa as an au pair for a few months, and we’re going to head over in April. In other news, I’m finally getting around to editing my footage from last year’s epic, 37 day trip to Colorado and Utah. Stay tuned for photos, campground reviews, videos, and random thoughts.

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