Matt and Kelly are Getting Married!

October 25, 2014

Capriole Farm

5:00 P.M. 

On October 25th, 2014, I, Matt Schad, will finally get to marry Kelly Robertson.  If you received an invitation it was because you are dear to our hearts or because we imagine you would be a great gift giver.  Either way, we are excited to spend such a special day with our family and friends.  You should find all the information you will need below.  If not, give Kelly a call at 502-550-5071.  I doubt she is very busy.  We look forward to seeing you all.  



The Wedding Vibe...

Will be casual and outdoorsy.  The ceremony will be outside by the pond.  We'll move it inside if there's bad weather.  

We invite you all for a drink and a stroll starting at 4 p.m.  Yes, this is one of those weddings where you can watch the (brief) ceremony without putting down your drink.  

After the ceremony we'll have a bluegrass band, open bar, and wonderful finger food. 

Weather permitting there will be a bonfire and suitable shenanigans outside.  



The Location

The wedding and reception are at Capriole, the Schad Family Farm, in Greenville, Indiana.

The address is 10329 Newcut Road, Greenville.   

In this age of iPhones and GPS, it seems sort of quaint to give directions, but here goes:  

If you're coming from the direction of Louisville, take i-64 West.  A few miles after you cross the bridge, take Exit 119 and merge onto Hwy. 150 towards Greenville.  Keep going for 9 miles, then turn right onto IN-335N.  In 1.7 miles turn right onto Newcut Road.  (There is probably a Capriole sign there). 

Follow Newcut Road for about half a mile.  There will be driveway at the bottom of a hill on your right that leads up into the woods.  There's a Capriole sign.  Drive up the hill.  

You're there!


Wedding Attire

 Dress is smart outdoor casual.   

There is a good chance that a photo will be taken of you and we might later want to showcase it in our home over the mantlepiece, so don't wear anything that you wouldn't want people looking at for several decades.  

The ceremony is outside in October.  Bring a jacket or something else comfortable. 

Feel free to bring some jeans or something else to roam around the farm or sit by the campfire.